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Suddenly, the other one

Suddenly, I met the eyes of other one … maybe I was expecting or perhaps I was looking totally unconscious or conscious, even I know. Walking always looking down, that’s my desire. Pontevedra, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Lyon have been, for the time being, the meeting places of knowledge and self-recognition.

Throughout a couple of years ago, I’ve been finding photos identifications of people totally alien to me, lost in the ground, perhaps as lost as I was when suddenly I found them. The coincidence of meeting has made the experience a real face to face, that others were really waiting for me, were looking at me, to me.

Personal identity is constructed from the gaze into each other´s eyes that complement us and while we becoming aware of ourselves objectively, we exist. We are not complete beings; we need someone who is part of us, someone for whom to see and where to be seen. Drawing the faces of the photographs found I try to look for myself, my self-portrait through their own identity. Keeping my face as photography I superimpose the lines of the drawing as a mask through which I see, I hide, I camouflage, I protect myself…. a mask of the other one that complements me, constitutes me and guides me.

This is a project in a constant state of expansion since everywhere I go I have not stopped to meet with others who are watching me.