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The other, the same one
When the other is your similar, when you share identity with a stranger who turns your kindred.

In an impulse to define me, wanting to know who I am, I put my name on Google and … my surprise was to find me, yes, but so multiplied. My name is shared with many other Veronicas Vicente.

The proper name is what designates you, what customise you. While it is true the names are repeated because there are not as many different names as people. But when there is equality with surnames a special connection set out, some confusion with the other. And the question arises, who am I in relation to that other?

With each photograph of the face of other Veronicas Vicente I do a drawing and in each of them I try to find my own image, my own feature. I use my picture as a background and I superimposes these drawings; my face as addition and subtraction of traces and, at the same time, the subjective face and overall identity of Veronica Vicente.

In the relentless pursuit of my identity I meet the other a round trip up to myself. My presence and my existence are well justified and defined or perhaps more blurred than ever.